Dec 2016

New Lab Member

New Graduate Student - Heather Geissel just joined the lab. Welcome Heather!

New Manuscript published in Genome Research


New mansucript published in Genome Research - Justin Wolter (graduate student), Hoai Huang Thi Le, Alexander Linse, Victoria A. Godlove, Thuy-Duyen Nguyen, Kasuen Kotagama (Graduate Student), Alissa Lynch, Alan Rawls, and Marco Mangone - Evolutionary patterns of metazoan microRNAs reveal targeting principles in the let-7 and miR-10 families

New Award


Justin Wolter (graduate student) wins the ASU Outstaning Graduate Student Award. A video describing his accomplishments as a graduate student in Dr. Mangone’s lab will be played at the 2016 ASU Fall Commencement.