Undergraduate Research

Barrett's Honors Students


Alice Gadau

Undergraduate Research Student

Email: Alice.Gadau@asu.edu


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Shannon Obrien

Undergraduate Research Student

Email: Shannon.Obrien@asu.edu


For this project, I will investigate how dystrophin deficiencies affect neurotransmitters in C elegans. In order to do this, dystrophin deficient worms will be crossed with worms which have a pull down construct, which is subsequently used to perform an immpunoprecipitation to isolate mRNA transcripts from neurons. This is a way to examine how Duchenne muscular dystrophy affects human neurons.  


Christina Gallante

Undergraduate Research Student

Email: Christina.Gallante@asu.edu

Establishing transgenic worm strains to identify differentially expressed miRNAs in dystrophin deficient C. elegans muscle

My project seeks to establish dystrophin deficient worm strains that allow for the isolation of miRNAs and their 3'UTR target binding sites specifically in the C. elegans  body muscle. To accomplish this, I am crossing dystrophin deficient worm strains, cx18 and eg33, with worms expressing GTF fused to the argonaute protein, alg-1, in order to eventually isolate and sequence the muscle specific miRNAs and their 3'UTR targets. This will allow for a functional analysis of differentially expressed miRNAs in dys-1 dependent muscle degeneration.


Madison Dulis

Undergraduate Research Student

Email: Madison.Dulis@asu.edu



Sarah Ellsworth

Undergraduate Research Student


Establishing transgenic worm strains to visualize dystrophin deficient muscle structure 

With this project I will be establishing transgenic worm strains that will allow us to visualize the integrity of C. elegans body muscle in both healthy and dystrophic worm strains and investigate the extent of muscle degeneration that occurs in dystrophin deficient muscle.
In order to address this goal, I will cross worms expressing GFP fused to myosin heavy chain with worms that have frame shift mutations in their dystrophin gene, and then take fluorescent images that will allow us to compare the integrity of the muscle fibers in these worms to wild type worms.
The results of my project will give us a more clear understanding of the progressive nature of Duchenne muscular dystrophy and how C. elegans can be used as a model organism to study this disease.  


Hannah Steber

Undergraduate Research Student


Establishing transgenic worm strains to validate differentially expressed gene in dystrophin deficient C. elegans muscle

My project seeks to establish and characterize a transgenic worm strain that can be used to isolate tissue specific transcripts from cx18 worms in order to further validate sequencing results from the eg33 Pmyo3 PAP worm strain. To do this, I have crossed cx18 worms with Pmyo3 PAP worms and am confirming the cross is correct with sequencing verification. I will then perform a survival curve with cx18 Pmyo3 PAP worms to show that these worms display the same phenotype that has been shown in both the literature and previous observations in our lab. These results should validate the data collected from the muscle specific transcriptomes and miRNAs from the eg33 worm strain.